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Whether you are looking for a painting for your home or office, a gift
or unique note cards, you will find what you are looking for here.  If you
would like a specific design, it will be created just for you!
Janyce is a talented artist with paintings located in businesses, hotels
and private collections across the United States.  Her paintings are
displayed in hotels, doctor's offices, lawyer's offices and conference
rooms and reception areas in a variety of other businesses.  The
paintings range in size of 8" x 10"  up to 4' x 8'  in a variety of
All rights reserved.
Welcome to Janyce Knight's Art "n" Design website.  We welcome you to
explore and enjoy Janyce's beautiful paintings, treasure boxes and unique
note cards.  If you would like to own Janyce's artwork in your home or
office, or want to buy a gift contact us.  Janyce can also create custom
masterpieces just for you!
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